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Best Value Good Practice Training



During the 1990’s Local Authorities throughout the country have asked government to change the framework for providing local services. They requested that this should be applied to all services, allowing local choice about how this was done, give employees and the public more say and put emphasis on quality, not just lower costs.

Government have responded to Authorities with guidelines on how “Best Value” is the process to be used and implemented throughout the country.

As part of the Governments wider modernisation programme the “Best Value” & “Good Practice” initiative will bring Councils & other Authorities closer to communities and promote their role and involvement within local leadership initiatives, which are linked to governance. Best Value and Good Practice are linked with many areas of Government policy, including social exclusion and long term development.

“Best Value” and “Good Practice” are not only about specific services but are fundamental and basic working principles & procedures that relate to Authority wide objectives and performance measures into which individual service objectives and targets fit.

This whole area is being considered in much more detail, as part of the Development Agency’s Local Government Improvement Project.

Success in delivering “Best Value” will depend on all areas of the organisation working together. This means constantly reviewing all services, developing new ideas, improving and daring to be different.

The “Best Value” framework is expected to incorporate the Governments four “Cs”:

Consult – Compare – Challenge – Compete


Consult – with service users and providers at different stages as appropriate.

Compare – performance with other providers across a relevant range of indicators, test efficiency and effectiveness, set targets and standards as a basis for ongoing and continuous improvement. Look at how services are provided (risk assessment).

Challenge – what is being provided and why, review related policies, take any necessary action and develop options.

Compete – assess how services are provided (risk assessment) and review existing operational processes. Formally appraise performance against targets and standards.

Anderson Stockley have developed training initiatives within “Best Value” and “Good Practice” frameworks. We have designed a modular programme which has been created around areas defined within the framework.

Listed below are examples of some of those modules. Many others are available.

Process Review Training

  • Workshop Duration – 1 day

The purpose of this workshop is to provide a framework for review that  illustrates a process for delegates and allows them to understand the process, work within a known framework and then develop skills to implement the review process.

Continuous Improvement

  • Workshop Duration – 2 days

This workshop deals with a personal and group analysis of natural and predominant leadership styles. Key competences are examined to identify strengths and areas that need improvement. A very high level of participation and personal action planning from delegates ensures that they accept responsibility for intended changes in behaviour or actions.

Training leads to greater understanding of the rewards related to ongoing, continuous coaching and the possibilities for limitless improvement.

Problem Solving Techniques

  • Workshop Duration – 1 day

This workshop is designed to provoke method thinking which includes practical, logical process, exercises and application, creative and innovative solutions which are used after consideration of all influencing factors in relation to process and objective.

Communication & Project Management

  • Workshop Duration – 1 day

This innovative, relevant and perceptive workshop is designed to enhance all existing skills and provide the mental agility and thought process to maintain and communicate objectives.

Managing Complaints

  • Workshop Duration – 2 days

Complaints are a grievance that people want and need resolved quickly and efficiently and may originate from customers, staff or team members. Complaints or grievances must be resolved quickly and effectively.

Dealing With Complaints

  • Workshop Duration – 1 day

The ability of employees to deal courteously and competently with enquiries and complaints are key components in business or public interaction.

A commitment to high quality services and customer satisfaction is the key to future business.

Influencing & Negotiating

  • Workshop Duration – 1 day

Training designed for anyone who is responsible for internal and external negotiations or needs to influence and win over difficult groups or individuals. Relevant & significant for one to one and small group settings.

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